The Seriousness of Indecent Exposure in Texas

What is indecent exposure in Texas, and why would you need the best sex crimes attorney Houston can offer? Answer: a combination of jail time, fine, and entry in the sex offender registry.

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Defining Indecent Exposure

According to Texas law, indecent exposure is the showing of any or all parts of the genitals, as well as the anus, for the gratification of sexual desire or pleasure of the person or the others.

It is different from public lewdness, which the law defines as a performance of sexual intercourse, even with a sex toy, and mutual touching of the private parts.

While the definition of indecent exposure sounds straightforward, it does have some terms and conditions:

  • For such exposure to be indecent, the person who had seen it should deem it inappropriate.
  • The person who’s doing it must be aware of the risks that come with their actions.

These additional points are essential for one reason: your actions, which you may consider as appropriate, may still become indecent.

Take, for example, peeing in public places. The city ordinance may consider it as an offense, which may give you a citation.

If someone, however, happens to pass by while you’re taking a leak in an alleyway and believes you’re doing something inappropriate, you may still face an indecent exposure charge.

The Need for a Reputable Houston Sex Crimes Attorney

In certain cases, a charge of indecent exposure may have a similar weight as speeding. You may need to only pay the fine.

What if the prosecution shows strong evidence of your supposed crime? This is where the best sex crimes attorney Houston has to offer can help you out.

The state considers this crime as a class B misdemeanor. If the prosecution is successful in mounting a case against you, you can end up paying a fine of up to $2,000 and a jail time for around 6 months.

If you happen to commit the act in the presence of a child or someone who is 17 years old and below, the penalties are a lot harsher since it becomes a child sex crime.

A Houston child sex crimes lawyer can potentially spare you from paying up to $10,000 in fine and languishing in prison for as long as 20 years.

Getting into the Sex Offender List

Perhaps the biggest motivation to work with the best sex crimes attorney Houston offers, such as Paul Schiffer Law Office, is the possible entry into the sex offender’s registry. Once your name is there, it stays on the record for at least 10 years.

The registry is a public database, and anyone who may be curious about you can search your name there. That’s not all.

Under Megan’s Law, the Texas police departments may inform the community about your offense should you move closer to them.

Although the law prohibits anyone from discriminating a sex offender from renting a home or getting a job, people can still deny you of these if they can prove you can be dangerous to the community or the workplace.

The repercussions of indecent exposure in Texas can be significant and damaging to one’s life. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, get the most experienced sex crimes attorneys in Houston.